kolmapäev, jaanuar 18, 2006

Inglise keele kirjand

Eesmärk kirjutada 120 sõnaga raport murdvargusest. Mul pole ausalt aimu ka kui pikk see tegelt on. Kirjutasin ta notepadis.

The purpose of this report is to describe the burglary that took place on friday the thirteenth of January at the old Elm street student house and to suggest ways of improving security.
The stolen goods included my two axes, seven throwing-knives and a partially full box of M-67 frag gredades. My friend Manvar said that his two teacups had been stolen, too.
The burglars had probarbly gotten in through the open door and between 4 am and 3 am as we left the house at 4 am and returned at 3 am.
When me and Manvar got back to the house at 3 am, we immediately noticed that the door was shut. When we left the building, we left the door open so we would notice if anyone had come in. When we entered the building, it was clear that someone had been there: the rooms looked clean.
When we saw that our things had been stolen we immediately sat on the couch and took three beers each. Then I called my friend Jens and asked what to do. He suggested that I'd call his friend Manivald. Manivald told me to call the ambulance, and when i dialed 112 the girl told me that they'd send the police instead.
To prevent future crimes like this, i have mined my drawers with high explosives and installed invisible lasers into the hallway.

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