reede, veebruar 03, 2006

FS shots

Ok, kõik eestlastest lugejad, ärge pange seda teksti tähele, pole teie asi :). Vajasin lihtsalt kohta kuhu kiiresti ja mugavalt tekst panna ja kuhu inimesed julgeksid tulla ( oleks kahtlane)

I have this proposal.
I really dont like our current rating scheme. We see a nice picture, and off go the 9's and 10's. 10 = very nice, inpressive, i like it. 9 = quite good, some flaws or a little boring. 8 = not good, several flaws. 7 = crap of a shot, and everything below that is unbeleavable crap.

So we practically only use 2-3 ratings of 10! And everone's taking it so seriously ("omg, why a 7?!?"). And on top of that, 10's are given out much too easily.

Why couldn't we scrap the current scheme and start using the whole scale? So, everything below 4 would be regarded as "bad", 5-6 is ok, 7-8 is good, 9 would be very good (most of the 10's we give out deserve to be a 9) and 10's would be "extraordinarily good and beyond that".

The main point is that we give too good grades too easily.

How many of You are with me?

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